In case anti-doping organization is interested in holding multiple out-of-competition testing of an athlete, it can include him or her in a list of athletes that are of special interest, the so-called “testing pool”..

Criteria to include athletes in this list are the sports results, including in the number of candidates to participate in major sporting events, anti-doping rules violation committed by the athletes or their personnel, as well as other considerations that make anti-doping organization interested in testing a particular athlete, including the desire to resume his athletic career after retiring from the sport.

Inclusion in testing pool requires the athlete to provide timely information about his or her location. Failure to provide this information or providing false information may result in the anti-doping rules violation.
Please note that information is required even if in the reporting period there is no competitive or training activity, including skipping the season due to injury, imposition of provisional suspension or ineligibility

The athlete stays in the testing pool until he or she gets notification of exclusion from the pool, or until he or she provides your National Anti-Doping Organisation with official retirement statement.

The athlete is solely responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the information provided on the location, regardless of whether he or she provided the information requested or information was provided by a third party (family member, coach, physician, colleague).

Your National Anti-Doping Organisation identifies Registered Testing Pool of those Athletes who are required to comply with the whereabouts requirements of the International Standard for Testing and publish the criteria for Athletes to be included in this Registered Testing Pool as well as a list of the Athletes meeting those criteria for the period in question. Your National Anti-Doping Organisation reviews and updates as necessary its criteria for including Athletes in its Registered Testing Pool, and shall revise the membership of its Registered Testing Pool from time to time as appropriate in accordance with the set criteria. Each Athlete in the Registered Testing Pool,

(a) Shall advise your National Anti-Doping Organisation of his/her whereabouts on a quarterly basis, in the manner set out in Article 11.3 of the International Standard for Testing

(b) Shall update that information as necessary, in accordance with Article 11.4.2 of the International Standard for Testing, so that it remains accurate and complete at all times and

(c) Shall make him/herself available for Testing at such whereabouts, in accordance with Article 11.4 of the International Standard for Testing

Each National Sports Federation shall also assist your National Anti Doping Agency in establishing a national level Registered Testing Pool of top level national athletes to whom the whereabouts requirements of the International Standard for Testing shall also apply.