The most frequent violation of Anti-Doping rules is the presence of a Prohibited Substance or its Metabolites or its Markers in an athlete´s bodily specimen. Determining, if an athlete has violated this rule is performed by a doping control, in which a sample of body fluids is taken and analyzed. Doping control can be performed at any time during the competition or out of competition.

Athletes do not know in advance who will be selected for doping control and when. The selection is made by lot or according to a predetermined key. Very often are testing the winners and medalists winning competitions and other subjects.

Doping control is performed by authorized anti-doping organizations; in the Czech Republic, athletes are most often invited to control by doping commissioners of the Anti-Doping Committee of the Czech Republic. However, they can be invited by commissioners of anti-doping organizations of other countries where they occur or by commissioners commissioned by the relevant international sports federation.

The analysis of doping control samples is performed by specialized laboratories accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). After performing the analysis, the athlete is informed about the result of the doping control, by the page Results of doping controls..

Every athlete has his rights and obligations during doping control.


  • To be knowledgeable of and comply with all applicable anti-doping rules.
  • To be available for sample collection at all times.
  • To take responsibility, in the context of anti-doping, for what they ingest and use.
  • To inform medical personnel of their obligation not to use prohibited substances and prohibited methods and to take responsibility to make sure that any medical treatment received does not violate anti-doping policies and local acts adopted pursuant to the All-Russian Anti-Doping Rules.
  • To disclose to the National Anti-Doping Organisation and International Federation any decision by a non-Signatory finding that the athlete committed an anti-doping rule violation within the previous ten years.
  • To cooperate with Anti-Doping Organisations investigating anti-doping rule violations
  • Be aware of and comply with their sports anti-doping policy (including the provision of accurate whereabouts information)
  • Remain in sight of the official at all times until the Sample Collection Procedures are complete (once notified for sample collection)
  • Report to the Doping Control Station as soon as practical or within 60 minutes
  • Whichever is sooner after being notified that they are required to provide a sample
  • They control the sample until it is sealed in the sample collection equipment
  • The sealed sample collection kit is secure and identified
  • All appropriate documentation is accurate, complete and signed
  • Be aware of which substance are prohibited

According to the World Anti-Doping Code, athletes are strictly liable for the presence of banned substances in their body. Please, think about medication very carefully and dietary supplements especially because they may contain prohibited substances.


  • To be knowledgeable of and comply with all anti-doping rules. 
  • To cooperate with the athlete testing program. 
  • To use his or her influence on athlete values and behavior to foster anti-doping attitudes. 
  • To disclose to RUSADA and International Federation any decision by a non-Signatory finding that he or she committed an anti-doping rule violation within the previous ten years. 
  • To cooperate with Anti-Doping Organizations investigating anti-doping rule violations. 
  • Athlete support personnel shall not use or possess any prohibited substance or prohibited method without valid justification. 


  • to participate in doping-free competitions
  • to strict adherence of all the provisions of the World Anti-Doping Code, the International Standards and the All-Russian Anti-Doping Rules toward the Athlete  
  • to receive timely and objective information on the asserted anti-doping rules violations  
  • impartial examination of allegations of anti-doping rule violation
  • to appeal with respect of the asserted anti-doping rules violation and imposed sanctions
  • to have a representative and, if available, an interpreter.
  • to ask for additional information about the sample collection process.
  • to request modifications to the sample collection procedure if you are an athlete with a disability,.
  • Request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station, or leave the Doping Control Station once they have reported, with the consent of a Doping Control Official, while at all time in full view of the chaperone for valid reasons including to:
    • Attend a victory ceremony
    • Compete in further events
    • Finish a training session
    • Receive necessary medical attention
    • Fulfill media commitments
    • Warm down
    • Undertake other activities considered reasonable and approved by the Doping Control Officer