The National Anti-Doping Organisation is responsible to implement an effective number of in-competition and out-of-competition tests on the athletes in its registered testing pool. This Testing includes collection of Urine as well as Blood samples of international and national level athletes as per the International standard as prescribed by WADA. After collection, the samples are to be sent to the WADA accredited laboratory.

Testing is a part of doping control process that includes testing planning, sample collection, transportation and sample analysis.

Testing is undertaken to obtain analytical evidence as to the athlete’s compliance (or non-compliance) with the strict Code prohibition on the presence/use of a prohibited substance or prohibited method. Verification of the presence of such substances is performed by means of laboratory analysis.

Standards for testing are regulated by the World Antidoping Code and the International Standard for Testing and Investigations.

According to the International Standard for Laboratories (art.5.2, 6.5) A sample analytical results should be reported to the Antidoping Organization within 10 working days after sample was delivered to laboratory.

The deadline for results submission of the analysis of the sample can be changed by agreement between the laboratory and organisation conducting the testing. It may be reduced in connection with the conduct of the competition or increased in cases when it is necessary to conduct additional analysis of the sample. 

Our testing programme has five key elements:

  • maintaining a testing pool of athletes who provide regular and detailed information on their whereabouts so that they can be located for testing at any time 
  • collecting blood and urine samples for analysis at a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accredited laboratory 
  • the monitoring of selected biomarkers in athletes’ samples that may indirectly reveal the effects of doping (the Athlete Biological Passport programme) 
  • intelligence gathering and the investigation of potential anti-doping rule violations 
  • results management, which includes referring allegations of anti-doping rule violations to the Sports Tribunal of your country (or other sports tribunals) for adjudication.