Step 1: Check the substance on the GlobalDRO website to see if it or the method is prohibited. 

Step 2: If the substance and/or method is prohibited and you need to use the substance, you now need to work out if you need an in-advance or retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption. 

NOTE: not all medications are eligible for a Therapeutic Use Exemption and having a Therapeutic Use Exemption will only guard against a possible anti-doping rule violation if the medication is used as per the Therapeutic Use Exemption.

Athletes who require the use of Testosterone are strongly encouraged to review the information required with their treating Practitioner before applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption.

Preparing a medical file does not guarantee a Therapeutic Use Exemption will be granted.

Under the World Anti-Doping Code–International Standard-Therapeutic Use Exemptions (January 2019) an athlete may be granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption if they can show that each of the following conditions is met:

  • The prohibited substance or method is needed to treat a medical condition and the athlete would experience a significant impairment to health if the substance were to be withheld. 
  • The Therapeutic Use of the substance or method is highly unlikely to produce any additional enhancement of performance beyond what might be anticipated by a return to the athlete’s normal state of health following the treatment of the medical condition. 
  • There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative. 
  • The necessity for the use of the prohibited substance or method is not a consequence of the prior use of a prohibited substance or method prohibited at the time of such use.

A Therapeutic Use Exemption may protect athletes from receiving a sanction if a prohibited substance is found in their sample or advised by your National Anti-Doping Organisation that they can (should) apply as a result of an investigation.